Candidates preparing for competitive exams are advised to give maximum time to the General Knowledge subject. Strong preparation of this subject not only helps in securing good marks in the written examination but also proves to be very helpful in the interview. Here we will tell about some such questions from the General Knowledge (Assam GK and other) topic which are often asked in competitive exams.

General knowledge is such a subject, without which it is not possible to conduct any exam in today's time. In view of the increasing number of candidates appearing in the competitive examinations, this subject is being included in the written examination as well as the interview. The IQ level of the candidates appearing in the competitive exam is checked through general knowledge.

On this page, we discuss daily quizzes related to Assam GK and other topics.

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Assam GK Online Daily Quiz

In the form given below 10 questions of General Knowledge and 4 options for each question are given. You have to select only one correct answer out of four options. After answering all the questions, you have to click on Submit. After clicking on submit you have to click on View Score from where you can see your obtained score. Check this page daily for online daily quiz updates.

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